The Texas Association of Community Health Centers and 340Basics partner to support health centers when contracting with retail pharmacies. 340Basics is a cost-effective, efficient, 340B virtual inventory software solution administrative service to meet health center and retail pharmacy contracting needs. 

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340Basics is unique

Reporting and Compliance: 340Basics coordinates the health center and the pharmacy’s 340B reporting and compliance requirements so the health center can concentrate on patient healthcare needs.

New Revenue: Health centers may earn revenue which can help their facility offset pharmacy expenses and serve more patients.

Formulary Access: Access is gained to an expanded formulary with lower prices, allowing increased access to medications for patients in need.

✔  Compliant and adheres to all HRSA 340B program requirements

✔  Real-time patient eligibility via a secure interface with the health center’s EMR

✔  Fully transparent

✔  State-of-the-art technology including proprietary software

✔  340B and health care experts on staff

✔  Flat fees!

✔  “Lesser of” to a retail pharmacy’s Usual and Customary (U&C) price at point of service

✔  Access to staff who know FQHCs and 340B

✔  In-depth reporting

✔  “True-Ups” on a rolling 90 days for all patients

✔  Knowledgeable about FQHCs

✔  Co-pay calculator app available

For more information about how 340Basics can improve your health center pharmacy program email [email protected] or [email protected]