Communications for Advocacy: Using earned media to advocate for your issue

02/15/2019 - 02/15/2019

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9:00-10:00 a.m.

Earned media can be a powerful resource in your advocates’ toolbox. When journalists, editors, and community partners pick up on your website content, press releases, Facebook posts, blog or Twitter feed and help push your message out, you’ve “earned” that media exposure. In today’s world of non-stop information flow, health center leaders and staff should incorporate earned media as an important and effective component of advocacy. Join Peter Clark, Communications Director, Texans Care for Children, for TACHC’s complimentary webcast, “Communications for Advocacy: Using earned media to advocate for your issue.”

You’ll learn:

  • • Why is earned media important
  • • What kind of content is effective to gain recognition
  • • Ways to generate earned media for your health center
  • • Ways to leverage earned media, and more