OC³ CPI Webcast: Top 330 Compliance Issues for Health Centers Part 2

02/17/2017 - 02/17/2017

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With 3 years of routine operational site visits (in the current format) under our belts, TACHC has invited HRSA Consultant Cary Calhoun to share the top issues that have been found on these visits in Part 1 of this webcast series, and how those are properly addressed. As always, we will assign homework after Part 1 related to the contents of Part 1; then in Part 2 we will present the homework survey results so you can compare yourself to your peers and TACHC staff will provide recommendations regarding the gap areas the homework reveals. TACHC staff has conducted 17 mock site visits over the last 3 years and has also attended 11 site visits last year alone themselves to inform this webcast series.

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