Jobs at TACHC

Community Development Specialist position

Job Summary

The Community Development Specialist’s (CDS) main goal is improve access to health care services in underserved communities by providing training and technical assistance to existing Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) or FQHC Look-Alikes. The CDS directly provides or facilitates training and technical assistance for FQHCs to add new service sites, add new health service types, expand capacity of existing health service types, sustain financial integrity, improve quality and operational excellence, and coach health centers in compliance with federal, state and local statutory and regulatory requirements. The CDS also provides training and technical assistance to communities and organizations interested in collaborating with existing FQHCs or developing new FQHCs.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities

1. Provide technical assistance, training and resources to existing federally qualified health centers, organizations interested in becoming FQHCs, and community stakeholders including:

· Supporting the development of statewide key financial trend analysis tool and updating as needed

· Completing FQHC financial desk reviews of key financial, operational and clinical performance metrics

· Providing health center Board governance training (involves a mini-desk review of those metrics in the preceding bullet)

· Developing financial, accounting, billing/collection systems

· Providing expertise, guidance and resources to ensure health center compliance with statutory, regulatory and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) FQHC program requirements as outlined in official HRSA site visit guide

· Preparing FQHCs for HRSA operational site visits through review and reported feedback

· Participating in FQHCs HRSA operational site visits to provide on-site guidance and support

· Providing expertise, guidance and resources for FQHCs to appropriately plan, develop and implement corrective actions to non-compliance items identified in HRSA operational site visit reports

· Reviewing organizational documents such as Bylaws, needs assessments, grant applications and federal change of scope requests

· Developing compliance and quality improvement systems that assure FQHC Board monitoring of clinical outcomes, financial and operational performance measures, through utilization of all available resources including Financial Trend Analysis, Uniform Data System, Health Center Controlled Network data sets

· Facilitating FQHC strategic planning

· Developing FQHC organizational infrastructure

· Developing systems of comprehensive, integrated clinical care

· Assisting with completion of required federal reports, including Uniform Data System reporting

· Assisting with the development of FQHC tools for financial planning (these tools may be used by centers to develop a recovery plan or to help centers plan for expansion of sites or services)

· Reviewing affiliation agreements

· Conducting on-site operational assessments focused on evaluation for improvement of the FQHC patient revenue cycle processes and operational efficiency and providing follow-up reports with key improvement recommendations

· Assisting with FQHC site and provider enrollment in public insurance programs and setting applicable payment rates

· Providing training and other services to FQHCs and other related parties

· Developing best practice tools to assist centers in compliance and operational activities

· Integrating Medical and Clinical Affairs Department activities with Community Development activities

2. Performs other tasks as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


· Excellent communication skills including presentation skill (written and oral)

· Ability to work as a team

· Ability to independently plan, organize, prioritize, schedule, coordinate and make decisions related to assigned tasks

· Strong customer service orientation, positive attitude, self-motivated, change oriented

* Strong writing, editing, communication and presentation skills
* Strong research and analysis skills
* Strong organizational skills

· Strong financial acumen especially in a health care environment

· Ability to read and understand non-profit audited and unaudited financial statements

· Ability to interpret financial statements accurately and identify trends

· Proficient at analyzing financial and other operational data

· Ability to multi-task and prioritize projects

· Long-term planning skills

· Strong computer skills – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access

· Ability to travel up to 40% of time, with intermittent heavy travel


· FQHC program knowledge preferred

· Experience with GIS mapping software a plus

* Understanding of Primary Care Association and health center law and policy
* Spanish language skills

Credentials and Experience


· Bachelor’s Degree from accredited university or college in business or health care related field.

* Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe Acrobat


* Graduate degree from accredited university in business or health care related field.

· Two years’ experience with community health center or primary care association, work related to financial planning or review, or work/volunteer experience in the non-profit sector.

* Database programming

Special Requirements

Position may require sitting for extended periods of time. Circumstances may require standing, walking, stretching, reaching, pushing, lifting objects weighing 10-30 pounds, bending, and/or stooping.

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