Jobs at TACHC

Data Analyst and Researcher

Who We Are:

The Texas Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. (TACHC) is a mission-driven non-profit organization. Everything we do is focused on the mission to develop, educate, support, and advocate for its member centers, their patients, and the communities they serve. TACHC’s membership consists of federally qualified health centers that provide care for the most underserved and vulnerable individuals. We provide many services for health centers, including providing IT support, operational training and support, recruiting assistance, legal guidance, and support. These efforts help health centers provide better care to more patients within the challenging situations that are inherent in serving individuals in difficult life, health, or financial situations.

Who We Are Looking For:

TACHC is looking for an individual that wants to join them in their mission to provide support and help to improve the lives of these vulnerable individuals. You are a great fit if you have a strong desire to use data to solve complex problems and help bring insight and understanding through data and visualizations. You are curious and have an insatiable appetite for finding hidden patterns and insights. You take nothing at face value and will justify everything with facts and data to support it. You have a need to make sure the data is valid and has integrity, whether it be data provided to you or data that you are collecting.

What You Will Do:

As a data analyst and researcher at TACHC, you will be responsible for all aspects of data analysis. You will identify trends and problems through analysis of large amounts of healthcare data spread across an array of databases and tools. You will be responsible for interpreting results using a variety of skills and techniques. These include, but are not limited to: statistical analysis, data modeling, data mining, writing, and running surveys, and other data collection and aggregation techniques. You will design and build surveys and data collection techniques and help others do the same.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities

· Research and gather information to answer questions posed by TACHC staff

· Analyze data from multiple sources to find meaningful insights that can change the way TACHC and health centers manage and overcome challenges

· Build statistical (including predictive) models

· Aid in the design and development of data warehouse/data mart applications

· Write custom SQL queries to extract data and ensure data integrity

· Identify and troubleshoot data anomalies and irregularities

· Prepare written and oral reports with data visualizations that communicate necessary information both internally and externally

· Perform other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

· Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and concepts (regression, optimization, clustering, decision trees, random forests, etc.)

· Experience using statistical computer languages to build efficient models (R, Python, C++)

· Strong SQL and DB skills (query building, DB design fundamentals, stored procedures, etc.)

· Understanding of data architecture and design

· Inquisitive and detail-oriented

· Perform in-depth research

· Design and write clean surveys protecting against the introduction of bias and influence

· Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

· Knowledge of HIPPA guidelines, confidentiality, and security procedures.

Education & Experience:


· Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience, in IT or health care related field

· 3+ years of experience in a technical, analytical role


· Knowledge of healthcare and healthcare data

TACHC Offers:

· Competitive Salary

· Outstanding benefits package (including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance at 100% premiums for employees)

· 403(b) plan with company contribution

· Ongoing professional development training

Please send resume/CV to