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Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Coordinator I

Job Summary: The position is responsible for supporting the objectives of the Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Program, led by the TACHC Department of Medical and Clinical Affairs and developed in collaboration with TIC Coordinator and consultants. This position will ensure that project objectives remain consistent with the specified requirements and goals defined for the project, and that measureable indicators are achieved on schedule and within budget. The position also entails working directly with TIC Coordinator II and consultants to TACHC, to deliver training curriculum for federally qualified health center (FQHC or health center) clinic workflows. The successful candidate will demonstrate excellent interpersonal, planning and organizational skills and have the ability to work both independently and with the Primary Care Association’s partners and membership, throughout Texas. The position requires collaborative skills as s/he will act as liaison between health centers, TACHC Medical and Clinical Department, and consultants. The ideal candidate will possess skills in delivering content to adult learners in a variety of settings (i.e. conference calls, webcasts, and/or face-to-face learning sessions).

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Director of Medical & Clinical Affairs, the TIC Coordinator I will:

· Communicate effectively with health center staff and clinical providers and TACHC staff to understand challenges, develop creative solutions, evaluate progress and provide feedback for quality improvement surrounding the TIC Project.

· Work with TACHC staff to provide training and technical assistance to health center staff via on-site trainings, virtual meetings, coaching-calls, and webinars on TIC.

· Assist in development of health center trainers and champions who participate in TIC Project.

· Assist in collecting data, track measures and timelines, support related behavioral health issues that support development of TIC environment in health centers.

· Assist in continued improvement of the curriculum and assist in coordination of TIC Project ECHO®- sessions and TIC podcasts for health center participation.

· Assist in collecting and tracking participation data for CEU distribution.

· Participate in developing ideas and in collaborative proposal writing processes for grant-funded projects, including: assessing challenges, needs, development of work plans and evaluation plans regarding TIC and trauma-specific care, as applied to health centers.

· Review publications and evidence-based research that support TIC, training, and skills-building for development of a TIC resource center and integration into TACHC’s program of TIC and trauma-specific care.

· Attain basic knowledge and provide support for the TACHC Optimizing Comprehensive Clinical Care (OC3) Program.

Specific Job Duties

1. Project Coordination

Description: Assist in coordinating tasks, schedules, and resources for assigned projects; support set-up, planning activities and logistics of project and trainings; assist in maintaining project files and schedules. Assist as a liaison between health center cohorts, TACHC Medical and Clinical Department, coaches, and consultants to coordinate project.

Essential Duty: Yes

Percentage of Time: 40%

2. Training Development

Description: Assist in supporting continued improvement of the TIC curriculum and work with TACHC Medical and Clinical Department to provide substantive feedback on the subject of TIC for health center trainers and champions, to be trained within assigned project; will be working with TIC Clinical Coordinator II and consultants to train health center staff.

Essential Duty: Yes

Percentage of Time: 15%

3. Training Delivery

Description: Assist in providing training and coaching on trauma and Trauma Informed Care, as required by assigned timelines, to health center cohorts.

Travel to include 35 – 45 % of time.

Essential Duty: Yes

Percentage of Time: 45%

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

· Project management experience

· Experience in training and coaching virtually and in-person

· Knowledge of adult learning principles

· Skilled in program development, implementation, and programmatic evaluation

· Experience with FQHCs

· Professional level of computer skills, including but not limited to use of Word, Excel spreadsheet management and/or project management software

· Strong communication and presentation skills

· Skilled in written and oral communication

· Knowledge of change management strategies

· Ability to multi-task

· Ability to adapt easily to a quickly changing environment

Credentials and Experience:


· MSW, LMSW or equal professional license/experience

· Experience with collaborative processes

· Training experience: small to large groups

· Experience coordinating schedules, acting as a liaison between consultants and organization(s)

· Ability to use, navigate, and instruct others on electronic/virtual platform or repository (i.e., SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)

· Experience in presenting trainings virtually and in-person


· Non-profit experience

· Health center (FQHCs) experience

· Familiarity and experience with the learning collaborative model, as well as train-the-trainer model to spread the project to other health center cohorts

· Basic background knowledge of use of Project ECHO® and use of Zoom platform

· Spanish-language skills

Staff Development

· Obtain and build on trauma specific treatment modalities

· Obtain knowledge, skills, and management of content delivery for adult learners

· Increase knowledge, skills, and practice in project management

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