Member Benefits

Benefits and services vary by type of membership in TACHC. The following is a list of services offered to members by membership category.

If you would like more information on how membership in TACHC can benefit your organization, please feel free to contact us.

TACHC Member Benefits*** Organizational Members Interim Organizational Members Network Members Out-of-State Members 340Better Members
State & Federal Policy Analysis Check Check Check    
State & Federal Advocacy Check Check Check    
Civic Engagement Training & Health Center Strategy Development Check Check Check    
Civic Engagement Tactical Assistance Check  Check  Check    
FQHC Site & Service Expansion Check Check
Financial & Operational Training Check Check Check    
Grant Application Review & Assistance Check Check
HRSA Program Compliance Check Check
Billing & Coding Training & Technical Assistance Check Check
Community Development Resources Check Check Check    
Board Training* Check Check Check    
Executive Leadership Initiative* Check Check
Compliance & Performance Improvement Technical Assistance & Support Check Check Check    
Financial Management Tools Check Check Check    
Strategic Planning
Check Check
Loans for Capital Development* Check Check Check    
Marketing of Health Center Clinical & Executive Opportunities Check Opt-in      
Candidate Screening & Sourcing Check Opt-in      
Clinical Access & Redesign for Quality Improvement Training & Technical Assistance (Optimized Comprehensive Clinical Care - OC3)** Check Check      
Provider Conferences, Webcast Trainings Check Check Check    
Billing, Coding & Documentation Support Check Check Check    
Clinical Support, including CMO Mentorship & Peer Review Referral Service Check Check Check    
Group Purchasing of Telecommunications Network Equipment & MIS Services* Check Opt-in Check    
Local and Wide Area Network Support and Design Consulting Check Opt-in
Microsoft Exchange Email services with Encryption and Spam Filtering Check Opt-in
Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Check Opt-in
Secure Internet Access with Web Monitoring, Filtering, Reporting and Web Hosting Check Opt-in Check    
IT System Monitoring & Notification Check Opt-in
Video Conferencing Equipment and Support Check Opt-in
Reference Lab^ Check Check   Check  Check
Medical Supplies Check  Check  

Dental Supplies & Equipment^ Check Check   Check  Check
340Better Pharmaceuticals^ Check     Check Check
Community Health Insurance Agency, Inc. Products & Services*,** Check Check Check    
FTCA Gap Coverage Group Purchasing*,** Check        
Right to Vote & Participate on TACHC Board Check

Peer Communication Networks Check Check Check    
Weekly Member Newsletter Check Check Check    
Action Alerts Check Check Check    
Discounts on TACHC Conference Registrations Check Check Check  Check  Check
Discount on OC3 Compliance & Performance Improvement (CPI) Manual* Check Check Check    
Discount on Monthly CPI Webcast Trainings* Check Check Check    
*Some of these services may require additional enrollment or application procedures.
**Some of these services may have additional associated costs in addition to membership dues and assessments.
***All membership benefits are available to all Texas Federally Qualified Health Centers and FQHC Look-Alikes, regardless of their membership status, except where noted by "^". Additional fees may apply.
Opt-in = option for Interim Associate Members of TACHC to purchase network/information technology and recruitment and retention services from TACHC with assessment equal to 102% of the full membership assessment for the individual service, pro rated, if needed