TACHC, Centers Successfully Respond to Fiscal Cliff

Monday, March 5, 2018

TACHC Fiscal Cliff Response Summary

The following was achieved in the days leading up to the Feb. 8th continuing resolution (CR) deadline that needed to include federal Community Health Center (CHC) funding for CHCs in Texas and across the nation to continue operations.

Health Center Advocates nationally sent more than 225,000 emails, placed more than 35,000 phone calls, posted close to 15,000 messages on social media and held hundreds of in person meetings with their Members of Congress and Congressional Staff.

In Texas, Health Center Advocates made over 2,000 phone calls, sent thousands of emails, and took to social media wearing red and showing their support with the hashtag#RedAlert4CHCs. Health Center leaders met with their members of congress in Washington D.C. and in their district offices across Texas.

Press Conferences in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Brownsville, and Lubbock, which, along with advocacy lead to the following coverage

The CR did include 2 years health center funding (with $200M increase first year, $400M increase second year), 2 years for National Health Service Corps which CHCs rely on, 2 years for teaching health centers, and 4 MORE years for CHIP (10 total since last continuing resolution). We still have to make sure health centers are included in the regular budget, as well as being considered in ongoing federal and state debates regarding Medicaid, value based and accountable care, women’s health and more, but this is huge relief and shows what a difference advocacy makes.