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These manuals are not intended to address every law and condition applicable to health centers. The list of relevant laws and conditions may vary from case to case. Also, various laws and regulations are constantly amended, so any amendments must be considered in addition to the citations to statutes, regulations, program guidelines and related materials listed in the manuals. TACHC will make reasonable efforts to offer updates to the manual, including updates to citations and references, and to remain conversant of revisions to the law and related materials. However, neither TACHC nor the authors warrants that the conclusions and recommendations herein will be adhered to or approved by any or all courts and agencies that rule upon health care matters. It is ultimately the responsibility of any reader to keep abreast of the changes in mandates or requirements applicable to them and the centers with which they interact.

The manual primarily address relevant federal and Texas state laws and regulations. Most references in the manual to state law refer to Texas law. Therefore, health centers in states or territories other than Texas will need to check applicable state laws and regulations. Further, all centers need to check their local laws and regulations, which in some localities may be stricter, more detailed and/or more comprehensive than the applicable federal and/or state law.

The manual should not be viewed as the furnishing of legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only and its provision by TACHC does not form an attorney-client relationship between TACHC and any individual or entity. Accordingly, it is strongly advised that any reader of these materials consult with independent legal counsel and/or other relevant expert(s) for legal, business, clinical and other advice before undertaking any activity that may be within the scope of any reference in the manual, especially prior to executing any contract.


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