Trauma Informed Care Program

What is the Trauma Informed Care Program?

Community Health Centers in Texas provide primary and preventive care to medically underserved and uninsured people. Serving vulnerable populations may uncover many events and conditions that may have resulted from exposure to trauma (i.e., evacuation/displacement due to disasters, immigration, homelessness, active shooter experience, adverse childhood experiences, etc.). Therefore, TACHC is now approaching these critical issues through a preventive strategy by creating a trauma informed care environment in our health centers.

In a trauma informed environment, health centers can act as a bridges to healing, when individuals seek care and attempt to access well-being, whether through medical, dental, behavioral health services, or to address substance use disorders.  Training and skills building can be developed to create a trauma informed care environments within our health centers in order to support the patient-centered/primary care medical homes.  Universal trauma precautions can be provided through a strength-based approach for all health center staff and when engaging with all individuals.

A trauma informed care paradigm shift ensures a universal approach that requires training of health center leadership, board members, and all staff.  Additionally, integration of the values associated with trauma informed care into adjusted health center policies and procedures cements the infrastructure, so that the approach to patients and patient care includes and incorporates key principles: Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration, Empowerment, and Cultural, Historical and Gender issues.

Our first cohort of the TIC Program consists of the following health centers:

AccelHealth (Cross Timbers Health Clinics), DeLeon

Carevide (Community Health Service Agency), Greenville

Community Health Development Inc., Uvalde

Gateway Community Health Center Inc., Laredo

Genesis PrimeCare (East Texas Border Health Clinic), Marshall

HOPE Clinic (Asian American Health Coalition), Houston

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic, (LBUCC) Dallas

Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program (MEHOP), Bay City

Project Vida Health Center, El Paso

Su Clinica (Su Clinica Familiar), Harlingen

Here are several resources for the Trauma Informed Care Program:

(1) Trauma Informed Care Training Plan: 1st Cohort

(2) Gantt Chart of TIC Cohort for First Cohort

(3) Quarterly Report: 1st Cohort TIC (June 2019)

(4) Quarerly Report: 1st Cohort TIC (September 2019)