Corporation for Development of Community Health Centers

CDCHC is a non-profit corporation which administers a revolving loan fund specifically and exclusively to finance the capital needs (land, buildings and equipment) of Federally Qualified Health Centers, Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alikes and similar community primary care facilities which meet basic structural requirements for FQHCs. It is affiliated with the Texas Association of Community Health Centers, which provides technical assistance for developing, maintaining, and expanding community health centers. CDCHC’s service area is the state of Texas.

According to policies adopted by the Board of Directors, "CDCHC exists to assist health centers by making capital financing available at favorable rates and on favorable terms. It is the policy of CDCHC to provide expedient and low-cost service to its clients, allowing more of their resources to go into the care of their clients."

To get more information and to request a loan application, email