Basic Plans (Support and Hazard Annexes)

The Basic Plans begin with the same template for all 254 counties in Texas.  The Support and Hazard Annexes to each Plan, however, address detailed information pertinent to the locality.  The Support Annex covers Continuity of Government, Evaluation and Population Protection, Financial Management, Mutual Aid and Coordination, Volunteer and Donations Management, Worker Safety, and Warnings.  The Hazard Annexes describe specific hazards which include Firefighting; Shelter and Mass Care; and Evacuation. The most applicable to FQHCs is “Annex H– Public Health and Medical Services”  which outlines state strategies to provide public health and medical support for any type of disaster (Aerospace Crash, Aviation Incident, Chemical, Biological Hazards, Cyber Failure, Drought, Earthquakes, Floods, Hazardous materials, Hurricanes, Mass Migration, Plant and Crop Disease, Radiological, Severe Weather, Terrorism, and Wild land Fire). Further information can be found at:  Texas Division of Emergency Management, Texas Department of Public Safety, P.O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773; Phone: (512) 424-2138   Fax: (512) 424-2444;