340Better Benefits

Decreases Cost Through Access to 340Better Pricing

  • Same low cost of goods for health centers of ALL sizes
  • Lower prices than 340B
  • 340Better pricing on designated items

Increases Operating Efficiencies

  • Reduces overall cost of pharmacy operations

Increases Budgeting Efficiencies

  • Consistent pricing and enhanced reporting capabilities enable health centers to more predictably set annual budgets

Increases Patient Access

  • Cost containment allows patients to be able to afford to purchase their prescriptions

340B and 340Better

340B 340Better
Consistent throughout the US, but wholesaler and group purchasing organization (GPO) costs can vary greatly Ensures all centers very low distribution fees nationwide
Focuses on controlling the costs of the medications Reduces the product cost even further with sub-340B contract pricing
Prices change on a quarterly basis Locks in contract prices for at least a calendar year