Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is the designated primary distributor/wholesaler for the TACHC 340Better pharmacy program. Cardinal Health offers advanced logistical services that focus on improving quality and efficiency throughout the distribution supply chain. Integrated services are provided to manage distribution and logistics, inventory and information in all points of consumption throughout the continuum of care.

Each health center has an account that accesses Cardinal Health’s Order Express - the web-based ordering application - giving health centers the ability to make the best purchasing decision for products at the lowest cost. The information is updated at least daily giving the members current and accurate information.

TACHC has worked with Cardinal Health since 1995. This long-term relationship has created a powerful pharmacy program to equally service all health centers across the U.S. Cardinal Health's vast national distribution network ensures distribution to every health center equally regardless of size or location, serving in-house pharmacies, dispensaries or a health center’s contracted retail pharmacy.