How to Sign Up

All health centers are eligible for the 340Better pharmacy program. TACHC will walk you through the steps necessary to sign up. Once enrolled, TACHC will be your one point of contact to ensure the program is working for you.

To Sign Up for 340Better

To sign up for the 340Better pharmacy program, complete the TACHC 340Better Registration Form for each clinic site needing a Cardinal account. Email or fax the completed form(s), along with a copy of the DEA license (for either the pharmacy or for the medical director) and State Board of Pharmacy license to or fax to (512) 329-9189.

TACHC will then coordinate with Cardinal Health to establish an account for the health center and will be back in touch with the designated point of contact for next steps.


To Sign Up for 340B

A health center must be listed correctly in HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) database. To verify if your health center is listed as eligible for 340B review the OPA database.

If the health center is not yet registered, register online with the OPA. There are four, 15-day windows each year (each calendar quarter), for a health center to add a new clinic site or contracted retail pharmacy to the OPA database. The registrations are effective the next calendar quarter. Below is the schedule to register with the OPA and the effective dates for enrolling NEW health center sites for 340B pricing:


October 1-October 15

January 1-
January 15

April 1-
April 15

July 1-
July 15

Start date:

January 1st

April 1st

July 1st

October 1st

Request changes or updates for an already registered health center at this link.