Pharma Logistics

Reverse Pharmaceutical Distribution Services

To ensure its members are contracting with trusted, reliable and honest partners, TACHC has partnered with Pharma Logistics to offer pharmaceutical reverse distribution services. Through this personalized partner approach, this program and its services are focused on compliance, affordability, delivering a range of flexible services, and increasing the visibility and analytics associated with the return process.

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To help boost your bottom line and ensure compliance, Pharma Logistics offers the following services:

Box and Ship:
Pharma Logistics’ Box and Ship service is a fully compliant, self-serve expired pharmaceutical return service. Request prepaid shipping labels, package and send returns to Pharma Logistics.

Pharma Logistics’ On-Site service is the simplest way to stay compliant while getting credit quickly. Pharma Logistics’ knowledgeable, local service representatives take care of everything;  from walking the shelves to removing and returning expired pharmaceuticals.

Contact Pharma Logistics:
To start working with Pharma Logistics, contact them directly at (888) 729-7427 or visit their website at For more information about Pharma Logistics, view their reverse distribution services brochure.