Rx Security

TACHC 340Better has a contract with Rx Security for secure prescription pads and EHR printer paper for health centers that participate in the TACHC 340Better pharmacy program. Rx Security is a leading supplier of tamper resistant prescription pads and EHR printer paper.  

The Rx Security secure prescription pads product line includes:

  • Secure 1 part pads
  • Secure 2 part pads (carbon copy)

The Rx Security secure EHR prescription paper product line includes:

  • Secure 8.5 x 11 sheets
  • Secure 4 x 5.5 sheets
  • Secure 2-up & 4-up perforated sheets
  • Discharge scripts and more

It is possible to view and order samples of the above mentioned product lines on the Rx Security website.

The Rx Security products are:

  • Medicaid compliant
  • Customizable

The security features include:

  • Copy resistant background
  • Thermo-chromic ink
  • “VOID” appears when copied
  • Micro printed border
  • Special order identifier
  • Watermark
  • Background shows attempts
To place an order for the Rx Security prescription pads and/or EHR printer paper, contact Rx Security directly at (800) 667-9723 (make sure to ask for the TACHC 340Better contract pricing) or online. For more information about Rx Security, view the Rx Security informational brochure, or call Rx Security directly at (800) 667-9723.