Small Equipment

Henry Schein defines small equipment as any capital equipment or technology item that has live pricing on the Henry Schein website when accessed using the health center’s account (JDE) number.  Small equipment is also any item that is not coded within the Henry Schein system under the 800 and 845 class codes.  Examples include but are not limited to: curing lights, amalgamators, model trimmers, model vibrators, lathes, Cavitrons and some caries detection units. 

Large Equipment

Henry Schein defines large equipment as any piece of capital equipment or technology which, because of weight, complexity, size or integration specifications, requires delivery, placement or installation by a technician. The equipment and technology subject to the Large Equipment category fall into class codes 800 for large equipment and 845 for technology.  

  • Large Equipment Capital Acquisitions: Henry Schein will provide health centers large equipment discounts equal to the most aggressive discounts given to any community health center program across the country. Such discounts will represent a minimum of 10% to 35% off manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). There are a few equipment products that will not qualify for discounts: Cephlometric x-ray equipment, large dental lab equipment (benches, furnaces, boil out units, etc), CadCam, tech central products (computers, servers, cabling services).
  • Design Assistance: Henry Schein has an equipment team specifically designated to assist health centers with large equipment, facility design and capital equipment budgets. This includes preparation of comprehensive equipment lists for grant applications and budget allocation. The Henry Schein office located closest will also provide local expertise to work on equipment requirements.
  • No Charges: Large equipment purchases shall also include at no additional charge: facility design services with equipment specifications in place, site preparation guidance, large equipment installation (labor) and a one-year-from-installation-date, service and repair warranty (labor warranty) at no charge. All equipment purchases include the standard manufacturer parts warranties. 
  • Bundling Discounts: Health centers receive additional custom discounts for large equipment purchases that include products from multiple categories represented by a single manufacturer. Such opportunities will be explained during the purchase planning phases.
  • Order Placement and Payment Terms: Henry Schein shall provide individual proposals to health centers requesting large equipment. Payment terms for large equipment will be established at that time. Placement of large equipment orders requires a signed purchase order from the health center’s corporate office. To protect the health center, Henry Schein does not accept verbal orders for large equipment.
  • Shipment: Henry Schein ships equipment FOB within the continental United States.  Health centers are invoiced and have payment responsibility upon installation of the equipment. Detailed terms and protections addressing resolution of damage, defects, warranty and loss are detailed in each of the large equipment purchase agreements.
  • Installation Fee: Large equipment orders under $3,000 total value may require an installation fee. A health center will receive advance notice if such fee applies.
  • Credit Approval: Large equipment orders are subject to separate credit approval. Purchases made with grant funding may require documentation or a letter confirming grant award as part of the credit approval process.
  • Turn-Around Time: Large equipment orders typically require 4 to 6 weeks advance placement in order to meet requested installation dates. Installation is also dependent on facility readiness. Details are described in the purchase agreement.
  • Return Guidelines: Return conditions vary. Typically large equipment is built ‘to order’.  Items delivered and installed in good condition may not be returnable or may have specific fees for return. In order to provide best service and optimal benefits, return conditions related to all equipment orders are stipulated in each custom equipment proposal.