Repair Service

Small Equipment Repair (ProRepair)

Henry Schein offers health centers a 10% discount off standard repair rates. Parts are exempt from discount. For assistance the health center should call (800) 367-3674. 

Large Equipment Repair

Large equipment repair requires an appointment and will be responded to by the end of the next business day. Repairs are scheduled between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays.

  • Disconnection of existing equipment at one location or operatory and reconnection of that equipment in another place whether in the same facility or another, shall incur standard labor charges and any freight/moving charges where incurred.
  • Extra fittings and parts required to make equipment operational receive no discount. Henry Schein will invoice for replacement parts and fittings and shipping/handling fees where applicable. In the event that fittings or parts are not in the repair technician’s standard van inventory, the technician will place an order, with health center’s approval, and schedule a return repair visit once the replacements have arrived. 

X-Ray Calibrations

X-ray calibrations are conducted per applicable state requirements.

Emergency Repairs for Large Equipment

Emergency Repairs Defined

  • No compressed air to all treatment rooms
  • No suction to all treatment rooms
  • No functioning method of sterilization
  • Major water leak that cannot be terminated at the shut-off valve
  • No functioning X-ray units in any treatment rooms
  • No X-ray processors developing X-ray films


Response Time

Emergency calls have a response time (measured from receipt and assessment of the health center’s emergency request) of within 4 hours for sites located within 150 miles of the nearest Henry Schein technician and 7 hours for sites located in excess of 150 miles of the nearest Henry Schein technician. Emergency requests received after 1:00 pm shall receive first call scheduling for the following business day. In this case, the service technician will call the health center to confirm the repair visit.


Emergency Shipments

In emergency situations, and with health center approval and at the health center’s expense, emergency parts will be shipped to the health center’s facility by next business day for 10:30 am delivery. Emergency shipments will be labeled accordingly and will require health center staff signature of receipt. Upon receipt of the emergency shipment, the health center should promptly call (800) 645-6594 option 2 to confirm the part’s receipt and schedule the emergency repair. 


Pre-Estimate Approval

All repairs over $500.00 require a written pre-estimate for approval by the health center office manager.


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders will be required for service requests.


Primary Technician

A primary technician assigned to each location shall be responsible for being acquainted with both the equipment and the health center staff to assure optimal continuity of services. However, should the primary technician be unavailable, a secondary technician will respond. The local Henry Schein Regional Operations Manager (ROM) will assign primary technicians. The primary technician assumes these responsibilities:

  • Responding to service calls in a timely and efficient manner
  • Ordering parts and confirmation of their arrival at the health center
  • Coordinating and overseeing moves of equipment from one center site to another
  • Implement and utilize a logbook to track and communicate workflow (all services requested and all services performed should be documented in this logbook)
  • Performing preventive maintenance calls as agreed upon between Henry Schein and health center
  • Assigning another technician to handle primary technician duties in his/her absence


Large Equipment Rentals

In the event equipment fails, Henry Schein will provide the following rental options: single head air compressors, single motor vacuum pumps and autoclaves. Rentals are intended for short-term use (one month) and only until the health center can effectively repair or replace the equipment. When equipment is deemed un-repairable and the health center purchases a replacement from Henry Schein within 30 days of first day rental, all rental fees for that item will receive full credit upon the invoicing of the replacement. 


Rentals may not be exact duplicates of the non-functioning equipment and are subject to availability. Invoicing occurs weekly and includes any applicable freight, delivery or pickup charges.