ECHO Starter Kit

TACHC is working to facilitate the use of ECHO-clinics, or ECHO® programs, at your health center in order to create value for your health care providers and your patients. The ECHO Starter Kit is a result of surveys, focused interviews, and discussion groups; we have also included feedback from health center staff that have directly participated in ECHO® or an ECHO-like model (EELM) and from those who have not. This document was developed as a source and reference to inform on pros, cons, and solutions, regarding the use of ECHO® as a tool to benefit your health center, staff, and patients. Several discussions with the originators of Project ECHO® at the University of New Mexico and comments by many of the attendees to the MetaECHO Conference in March of 2019 have also been included. Click here and fill out the form to download your free kit!