Emerging Leader Awards FAQs

Emerging Leaders

Q: Why is TACHC doing the Emerging Leader Awards?

A: The TACHC Board identified the need to engage new health center staff and the next generation of emerging leaders of the health center movement in Texas as part of developing the ongoing leadership and continuity of health centers. As part of TACHC’s 35th anniversary celebration the Board announced the TACHC Health Center Emerging Leader Awards at the 2018 Annual Conference. The Emerging Leader Awards are an opportunity to begin a tradition of celebrating new talent in the health centers who will carry us into a strong future, responding the changing healthcare landscape.

Q: How many awards are being given?

A: An Emerging Leader Award will be given for each of the six (6) TACHC regions therefore it is the goal that six (6) awards are given in total.

Q: Can more than one nomination from a health center be made?

A: Yes. All qualified and complete nominations will be considered. This means that the nominee must meet the eligibility criteria and their nomination must be complete, including a statement of support from the health center’s lead executive (ED, CEO, etc.).

Q: Who is eligible for the award?

A: An eligible nominee:

  • Is a staff member currently working at a TACHC member health center at the time of the award;
  • Has worked at the health center at least one year, but not worked for any health center for more than a combined five years, regardless of nominee’s age;
  • Is not the lead executive (Executive Director, CEO, etc.) of the health center.

Q: Who can nominate someone for the award?

A: A colleague, supervisor, executive, or board member may nominate anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for the award. While one may nominate themselves, it is strongly encouraged that another member of health center staff nominates a candidate.  For the nomination to be considered complete, if it is not made by the health center lead executive, it must include a statement of support from the nominee’s health center lead executive.

Q: Can someone be nominated, even if they won’t be able to attend the annual conference? A: Although it is preferable that the award recipients be present to receive their award in person, it is not a condition of their nomination.

Q: How is the award selected?

A: Health center staff and leadership from a TACHC member health center may nominate qualified candidates within the nomination period. TACHC staff will review the nominations for completion and confirm that all nominees meet the awards criteria before passing de-identified award nominations to the TACHC board for selection.

Q: When is the application due?

A: 2020 nominations are now closed.

Q: When will the award recipients be notified?

A: Award recipients will be notified prior to the 2020 Annual Conference in October.