Nomination Requirements

Emerging Leaders


In order to nominate a health center staff member for an Emerging Leader Award, the following criteria must be met.

Nominee is:

  • Is a staff member currently working at a TACHC member health center at the time of the award;
  • Has worked at the health center at least one year, but not worked for any health center for more than a combined five years, regardless of nominee’s age;
  • Is not the lead executive (Executive Director, CEO, etc.) of the health center.

Completion of the online nomination form; while one may nominate themselves for an award, it is recommended that a nominee be nominated by a colleague, manager, or board member.  The nomination application includes:

  • Contact information for nominator and nominee
  • Information about the health center where the nominee works
  • Short essay explaining what qualifies the nominee as an Emerging Leader
  • Statement of support from lead executive of nominee’s health center uploaded through the online application. This statement of support is not necessary if the nominator is the lead executive of the nominee’s health center.