340Better Pharmacy Purchasing Program

Today's community health center is constantly challenged to provide high quality, low cost health care to an expanding population with constant financial constraints. The 340Better pharmacy program is designed to decrease medication costs for your patients, your pharmacy and your health center.

How it Works

From 340B to 340Better

In 1992, Congress passed the 340B legislation, also known as PHS Pricing, to lower pharmaceutical costs for health centers across the United States. The 340B program provides access to reduced-price prescription drugs to eligible health care facilities certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as "covered entities."

TACHC’s 340B pharmacy program, called 340Better, contracts with vendors and locks in that contract pricing, passing the savings to the health center. By locking in the pricing, the 340Better program controls the costs that impact a pharmacy budget. The program is offered free of charge to all health centers.

340Better Distribution

TACHC partners with Cardinal Health for distribution on the 340Better pharmacy program. Each health center has a Cardinal Health account for web-based ordering.   

Cardinal Health's vast national distribution network ensures equal cost of goods and delivery schedule to every health center regardless of their size or location, including in-house pharmacies, dispensaries, contracted retail pharmacies and other arrangements.

340Better Video