Operations & Finance


Financial Sustainability

Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) provides a wide range of training and technical assistance to help centers maintain their financial sustainability. Technical assistance includes billing and coding assistance, key performance indicator comparison and trends, financial recovery planning, strategic planning and customer service training through the Road to Service Excellence program. 


Compliance Support

TACHC assists health centers to meet Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) requirements that are essential to maintain their 330 status. TACHC staff conduct mock surveys, accompany centers during site visits, provide best practices, provide trainings and answer questions. TACHC also supports centers with OSHA, The Joint Commission and other certification programs. TACHC staff also provide detailed trainings on legal requirements for FQHCs and non-profit organizations both from a national and state perspective. In addition, staff drill down on health center financial, operational and quality data to assist boards in providing oversight for their health center.


Service Excellence

TACHC works with Guy Smith from The Smith Factor on a four-hour, interactive service excellence training specifically designed for health centers. The program asks health center staff to examine the health center experience through their patient’s eyes and to adapt their practices to provide a high-caliber experience for patients and each other. Additionally, TACHC staff trains health centers to conduct the training to sustain the service excellence program at their center.



Outreach & Enrollment   

Texas Community Health Center Outreach and Enrollment (OE) staff offer their patients information and application assistance for state, federal, and/or community programs and guide patients through complex paperwork, language barriers, and other requirements. TACHC provides support for OE staff with various trainings, hands-on technical assistance and other resources to ensure OE staff are skilled and knowledgeable about the programs available for their patients. Targeted programs in which TACHC supports OE staff include Marketplace, Medicaid and CHIP and other programs such as Healthy Texas Women, CHIP-Perinatal and SNAP.  If you'd like to find a Health Center offering Outreach & Enrollment services, click HERE.


Emergency Preparations

Click here for the Emergency Management Hub. The TACHC Emergency Management (EM) Program provides Texas Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) with training, technical assistance, and resources to support their ability to prepare, respond, and recover from an emergency or disaster. TACHC EM staff actively work with public health partners to promote collaboration and community integration, we encourage community health center representation in statewide, regional, and local planning, as well as response planning. FQHCs are located in 137 counties in Texas; therefore, the primary goal for health centers is to ensure they are prepared when emergencies occur. Contact  TACHC for more information.

Strategic Planning

Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) provides direction and support to Texas community health centers in long-range planning. TACHC's team will help identify the health center's priorities, financial management, and capital expenditures and identify factors influencing current and upcoming change, setting measurable and time-specific goals and objectives to best position the center for future success. Contact TACHC for more information.